Our policy

The development of our Group relies on the skills and commitment of our employees. Accordingly, the Biscuits Bouvard Human Resources policy is based on powerful and distinctive values, joint development, diversity and support for local dynamics.

Our societal responsibility :

The future of the Human Resources policy of our Group is part of our sustainable development policy. Ensuring that we maintain the best possible working, health & safety conditions and raising employee environmental awareness form part of the objectives of each and every employee.

Our Group is also a committed local development player. We favour employment in the regions where we are present; each production site plays an important role on the regional stage and is involved in local life so that it can actively contribute to its development

Nurturing talent :

In order to help our employees face the challenges that tomorrow might bring, we have set up ambitious training schemes: career skills, training systems, personal development and support for managers. But, beyond these training schemes, we are developing real individualised support for our employees, particularly through tutorial schemes and by promoting the transfer of experience between senior and junior members.

Finally, our Group encourages career development at all levels and offers real long-term career opportunities.