Snack frais

Milk snack bars, dairy bars or milk sandwich bars...there are many names for our exquisite range of fresh snacks for kids, teenagers and adults.

In close collaboration with our customers, we create a wide range of own-brand milk snacks (own brand, retailer brand, supermarket brand). Our products are for major supermarkets and national and international industrial companies.

Strengthen your position on the market by embracing this strong-growth category with exponential growth potential. Snacks with TSC milk boost sales from chiller cabinets. Our products are made with whole fresh milk whipped in large quantities to create a light cream that is sandwiched between two soft sponge layers. All these snacks can also be chocolate-coated with a delicious cocoa glaze or crisp chocolate icing. They are made with the best ingredients and to very strict quality standards. They contain no artificial colouring, preservatives or hydrogenated fats.

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