Multi-layer sponges

In our factory in Italy we produce a wide range of individual room-temperature pastries for our customers. With our extensive expertise, we can offer plain or chocolate sponges filled with cocoa cream or jam, coated with chocolate or not, rolled or rectangular, large or mini... The choice is broad and our industrial flexibility for both products and packs is extensive... So let your desires do the talking and together we can design something ideal for your customers!

Layered sponge
with icing

A sponge with many layers each as delicious as the other: two multi-coloured sponges, creamy fillings and crisp icing. An ideal recipe for the whole family!.

Layered sponge with icing


A soft texture and a fruity flavour, the perfect combination for a delicious snack! In their individual packs, they can be enjoyed anywhere!

Fruit sponge

Cocoa and coconut
coated sponge

Our delicious recipe with soft cocoa sponge has a creamy dairy filling and crisp cocoa coating and is also available in coconut. Are you looking to reduce portion size? Try our mini version for a guilt-free snack!

Cocoa and coconut coated sponge


is open to its customer needs and the requirements of the end-consumer. We are continuously adapting which is why we create specific recipes in line with everyone’s needs and expectations.