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For over 30 years, we have been offering customers a range of organic and healthy products (low sugar, vitality, baby biscuits, allergen-free). We have acquired genuine expertise in the design of specific products. Increasingly demanding in terms of the quality of our biscuits, we are developing our own sustainable supply chains for flour and cocoa, for the well-being of consumers and the environment.


We have developed products for people suffering from an intolerance to gluten. The products are still delicious - a requirement for our biscuits! To replace the wheat used in our regular recipes, we use ingredients that have the same properties in terms of both nutrition and taste.

Gluten-free range

and no added sugar range

We have biscuits with no added sugar or 20% less sugar, with less calories than standard market biscuits. Still delicious, they help reduce sugar consumption.

Sugar-free and no added sugar range


is open to its customer needs and the requirements of the end-consumer. We are continuously adapting which is why we create specific recipes in line with everyone’s needs and expectations.

The Bouvard®
flour supply

Since 2012, we have only used French wheat that complies with the ARVALIS charter. This charter requires that farmers record all their actions on the land (treatments, water checks, maintenance of their treatment tools, etc.), comply with seasonality and crop rotation, carry out a diversity-organic audit on their land and annual inspections to validate these actions. Our supplier-farmers follow responsible farming principles. Since 2018, Biscuits Bouvard has gone beyond the charter, demanding that the wheat they use is not treated after harvest.