Organic Biscuits

For over 30 years, as the sector’s pioneers we have been offering customers a range of organic and healthy products (low sugar, vitality, baby biscuits, allergen-free). We are convinced by organic foods and our range has helped us acquire genuine expertise in the design of these specific products. Increasingly demanding in terms of the quality of our biscuits, we are developing our own sustainable supply chains for flour and cocoa, for the well-being of consumers and the environment.

sandwich biscuit

On the organic market we offer our customers a wide choice of sandwich biscuits: cocoa, milk or dark chocolate and red summer berries.

ORGANIC round sandwich biscuit

ORGANIC vanilla cocoa
round sandwich biscuit

Its generous creamy vanilla filling is sandwiched between two cocoa biscuits. We have created the ORGANIC version to satisfy our consumers.

RGANIC vanilla cocoa round sandwich biscuit

ORGANIC Petit Beurre
with chocolate

A key reference on the traditional market, biscuits with chocolate have become a must in the ORGANIC sector. We offer several varieties: milk or dark chocolate and also Fairtrade®.

ORGANIC Petit Beurre with chocolate

coated biscuit

This organic shortbread biscuit with whole grains coated with milk or dark chocolate is a perfect snack.

ORGANIC round coated biscuit

biscuit sandwich

Our latest product: a crunchy oat biscuit, inspired by Swedish snacks, combined with a delicious layer of chocolate....and all ORGANIC! Guaranteed success for your section!

ORGANIC oat biscuit sandwich

cocoa sponge

With this recipe made with whole flour and a delicious cocoa filling, this ORGANIC sponge will delight kids and adults alike.

ORGANIC cocoa sponge

ORGANIC milk and dark chocolate

Our organic chocolate fingers are available in milk or dark chocolate...the choice is yours!

ORGANIC milk and dark chocolate fingers

sandwich biscuits

For a complete organic biscuit range, we have developed a summer berry or blackcurrant jam sandwich biscuit.

ORGANIC jam sandwich biscuits

fun biscuits

To satisfy tomorrow’s consumers as best as possible today, Biscuits Bouvard is targeting parents who want to give their children and teenagers an organic diet.

ORGANIC fun biscuits

dry biscuit

Our offer covers the major classics available as organic: Petit Beurre, Speculoos... as well as more specific flavours: spelt-sesame, chocolate quinoa...

ORGANIC dry biscuit

ORGANIC gourmet biscuits
with fruit and seeds

Organic consumers are looking for new tastes and textures... This is why we developed a biscuit filled with fig and chocolate/cereal shortbreads.

ORGANIC gourmet biscuits with fruit and seeds

ORGANIC biscuits
with eggs

Pastry chefs also have the right to their organic biscuits! Sponge fingers and Lady fingers are now available as organic. Biscuits Bouvard is signing a partnership agreement with a cooperative for an organic milk supply. We have also confirmed an agreement for Organic flour to ensure the sustainability of our organic French wheat supply for our biscuits.

ORGANIC biscuits with eggs


is open to its customer needs and the requirements of the end-consumer. We are continuously adapting which is why we create specific recipes in line with everyone’s needs and expectations.


Biscuits Bouvard signe un accord de partenariat avec un groupe coopératif pour une partie de ses approvisionnements laitiers bio. Nous avons également validé un accord sur notre farine Bio pour assurer la pérennité de la provenance de blé biscuitiers bio français.

Si le mot Biologique est synonyme de respect de l’environnement, pour Biscuits Bouvard il véhicule aussi la notion de plaisir.