Chocolate biscuits

With chocolate, fruity, with cereals, filled, to nibble or to share...we have a wide range of sweet biscuits made with the greatest respect for biscuit-making traditions. With our extensive expertise, we devise sophisticated recipes with carefully selected ingredients for adults and children to enjoy at any time of the day. Our ability to adapt and innovate means we can offer our customers delicious products with different and customised textures. Concerned with our environment, we are also committed to a continuous improvement initiative for the nutritional profile of our products and also in local and sustainable businesses to ensure our raw material supplies.

Petit Beurre
with Chocolate

An historic product: Biscuits Bouvard is a benchmark on the market of chocolate-topped biscuits. It offers different biscuit recipes with a wide variety of specific pure cocoa butter chocolates: milk, dark, white, hazelnut... We have successfully anticipated changes in consumer behaviour and diversified our product sizes (Family, Pockets, fresh packs, etc.) to cover every snack time.

Petit Beurre with Chocolate

Choc bar

Our double chocolate Petit Beurre bar stands out on the market. It is available in milk chocolate, white chocolate or Petit Beurre cocoa white and dark chocolate. These products are also available in different sizes: family, pocket, fresh pack...

Bi Choc bar

Petit Beurre
filled bar

Because consumers love new products, we extended our basic concept to include cereals, dried fruit and milk or fruit fillings.

Petit Beurre filled bar

Milk chocolate

Always looking for new textures, we developed this super crunchy biscuit with inclusions in the biscuit and the chocolate.

Milk chocolate crisp


In line with our customers desires, we have a wide range of recipes adapted to the specific characteristics of each country, like our range of Biscuits covered in milk, dark or white chocolate.

Chocolate-covered biscuit

Mini Petit Beurre
with Chocolate

Snacking is a basic trend and we needed a solution: mini Petit Beurre biscuits with chocolate are ideal for a quick snack.

Mini Petit Beurre with Chocolate


The “world’s most chocolaty cookie” is a combination of 3 textures: the crunch of the chocolate, the crisp of the cookie and the softness of the chocolate chips.

Méga-Choco Cookie


For these products distributed throughout Europe, we have a complete range to meet every expectation: milk chocolate, white chocolate, different types of biscuits and fillings combined with a creamy milk centre.

Milk-filled tarts


With its individual packs, our range is adapted to all kinds of eating on the go. With a milk centre, with cocoa or cereals, we regularly innovative to energise this sector.

Filled bar

sandwich bar

This product with two crisp biscuits and a real bar of milk chocolate is the next success for your brand. In individual sachets, they are ideal for a quick snack.

Chocolate sandwich bar

Mini and maxi fun shapes
coated with chocolate

In fun shapes for kids, these biscuits are rich in cereals to please the parents too. We adapt our recipes and images to children by offering several themes with different sizes of biscuits, like animals for example. As they come in fresh packs, kids can take them everywhere!

Mini and maxi fun shapes coated with chocolate


Milk and white chocolate, hazelnut- and caramel-flavoured, in a sachet or flowpack, we have a wide range of chocolate fingers!

Chocolate-coated fingers

Mini and maxi milk
chocolate-coated biscuits

Mini or maxi, our “Digestive” range adapts to every snacking occasion - family size or pocket size! With a high cereal content, they are an ideal snack for adults and kids!

Mini and maxi milk chocolate-coated biscuits


is open to its customer needs and the requirements of the end-consumer. We are continuously adapting which is why we create specific recipes in line with everyone’s needs and expectations.


We are increasingly using certified chocolate. We began using chocolate in some of our products 30 years ago, then we moved to Fairtrade chocolate for other biscuits and since 2013, several of our factories have been UTZ certified for chocolate and cocoa.
Our aim is to continuously increase the amount of certified chocolate in our group to guarantee consumers traceability from the farmer forwards, and ensure fair distribution of income from the cocoa beans.