Fine Biscuits

With chocolate, fruity, with cereals, filled, to nibble or to share...we have a wide range of sweet biscuits made with the greatest respect for biscuit-making traditions. With our extensive expertise, we devise sophisticated recipes with carefully selected ingredients for adults and children to enjoy at any time of the day. Our ability to adapt and innovate means we can offer our customers delicious products with different and customised textures. Concerned with our environment, we are also committed to a continuous improvement initiative for the nutritional profile of our products and also in local and sustainable businesses to ensure our raw material supplies.


Our assortments represent the legacy of top quality patisserie traditions and also future-focused expertise. Our flexibility means we can compose the assortment that best suits your market and the season, as a pastry chef would.


The 5 square

Practical and original, the 5 square assortment is adapted to a younger target and recruits new consumers to this segment.

The 5 square assortment


With our extensive expertise in finger biscuits, we have implemented new technology to make the biscuits even more delicious by combining them with chocolate.

Finger biscuits

Fine chocolate

We have developed a range of elegant and delicious biscuits combined with chocolate. Ideal for a delicious snack at the end of the day!

Fine chocolate biscuits

Almond & co

Whether they are traditional with chocolate and almonds, or more unexpected with citrus and fruit, our tuiles are perfect with any dessert!

Almond & co tuiles


is open to its customer needs and the requirements of the end-consumer. We are continuously adapting which is why we create specific recipes in line with everyone’s needs and expectations.

The Bouvard®
flour supply

Since 2012, we have only used French wheat that complies with the ARVALIS charter. This charter requires that farmers record all their actions on the land (treatments, water checks, maintenance of their treatment tools, etc.), comply with seasonality and crop rotation, carry out a diversity-organic audit on their land and annual inspections to validate these actions. Our supplier-farmers follow responsible farming principles. Since 2018, Biscuits Bouvard has gone beyond the charter, demanding that the wheat they use is not treated after harvest.