Biscuits topped with pure chocolate

Thanks to our total control of the process and our expertise in this segment,
we have dynamised this market by varying sizes, flavours and shapes and
offering you a range of personalised products.
We are therefore the supplier offering the greatest variety in Europe for Private Label or under
A brands.

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An historic product…

Precursor on its market, Biscuits Bouvard has become a benchmark on the market offering various biscuit recipes combined with a wide variety of different pure cocoa butter chocolates: milk, dark, white, milk and hazelnut, two-coloured


Biscuits Bouvard offers a wide range of recipes adapted to the specific characteristics of each country, such as its range of chocolate topped biscuits available in milk, dark and hazelnut flavoured milk chocolate for Northern Europe…

…Which has evolved over time

We have anticipated developments in eating habits by diversifying our pack sizes (Family, Pocket, Stay-fresh packs...) to satisfy all the various requirements of our customers and cover all the various times when the biscuits are eaten.

...Reached new targets

Creating differences and added values is a strong value at Biscuits Bouvard. We have a tasty range that combines chocolate with fruit fillings (dark chocolate and orange, dark chocolate and pear...).


Because consumers love new products we have adapted the basic concept to include cereals, dried fruits, milk or fruit fillings. We have also put our expertise to work in creating healthier products with diet or cereal-rich recipes.

…And now reinvents itself

An off-beat design with daring, unusual combinations, our range of biscuits comprises a shortbread biscuit with tasty flavours (creme brulee, tiramisu, salty butter caramel…) covered with a range of different chocolates (milk, dark, white…).