The catering sector represents a specific activity where Biscuits Bouvard has been operating for many years.
Flexible in meeting our customers’ demands, we also have an extensive product range to offer.
Thanks to our know-how in ladyfingers (leading company on the French market)
we are specialised in baking-aid products for professional use.

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Adapted recipes

We develop specific ladyfinger biscuits recipes for professional use. Always soft and spongy our ladyfingers retain optimal hold when dipped, ideal for catering and baking.

Special packs

We have created special pack sizes of ladyfingers and plain biscuits for use in institutions, at snack time, as a dessert or an accompaniment.

Strips for greater flexibility

In order to offer bakers the best possible service we have developed ladyfinger biscuits in strips. Essential aids for creative bakers, the strips retain the soft and spongy texture of traditional ladyfingers. These special products are also suitable for use by industrial bakers.

Handy portions

Biscuits topped with pure chocolate or sandwich biscuits – these great classics from the biscuit shelves are now available for institutional caterers. Our stay-fresh sachets mean that you can offer your customers the products they like in right sized packs.

Kits for greater speed

For individual cakes, quality and speed of production are required. We have therefore developed «ready to fill» kits, leaving bakers free to use their imagination in creating individual desserts.

Organic biscuits

Organic products are an emerging trend on the catering market. On the strength of its 30 years experience in this field, Biscuits Bouvard can offer you a range of organic biscuits adapted to the needs of the catering market.