Chocolate biscuits

All our processes together with the diversity of our recipes mean that we can offer
a wide range of biscuits: covered, filled, coated with chocolate...
In individual sachets or family packs, we have products for eating any time of day.

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Filled mini-tarts for afternoon snacks

For these products which are very popular in Europe, we offer a complete range to meet all your customers’ expectations: milk chocolate, white chocolate, different biscuit and filling recipes, combined with a rich, creamy heart.

Chocolate covered crunchy sticks

Our ability to adapt to the various markets is evident in the size of our biscuits and the packaging possibilities we offer (box or flow pack) as well as in the variety of recipes we have available: milk, dark, white, hazelnut-flavoured chocolate...

Filled bars make tasty snacks

Our range has been adapted to suit the needs of all types of consumers on the move thanks to the individual sachets. Milk or double caramel filling or filling with cereal pieces – we are constantly innovating to dynamise this segment.

Round, half coated biscuits for young and old biscuits lovers

Our industrial facilities enable us to take great market standards on a chocolate coated or digestive market and adapt them to all format types: family packs, pocket size and minis.

Fun shapes that children love

We adapt our recipes and visuals to meet children’s expectations, offering several themes in a variety of different sizes such as animals, sport...