Chocolate cookies

Our chocolate cookies selections & fine biscuits are created in the purest pastry tradition using selected ingredients. These sophisticated recipes are eaten mainly for a tea-time treat or presents for special occasions.

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Traditional recipes…

Today our assortments look towards the future as they reflect traditional baking heritage with old-time quality and expertise. We adapt our selections in step with the seasons: lightness and pleasure in the summer months, gourmandise and  sophistication in winter. Our flexibility allows you to create your selection that matches your market, just as the baker himself would do.

A new look at some old standards…

On the strength of our know-how in Langue de chat, we have now used new technology to develop tasty recipes combining biscuits and chocolate.

...Combined with innovative concepts

We have taken a new look at market expectations, combining a quality biscuit with new packaging. Convenient and original, this product is right for a younger target, reaching new consumers in this segment.

…To diversify your offer

Whether traditional with almonds or more unexpected with citrus fruits and passion fruits, our tuiles can be eaten with every kind of dessert, throughout the seasons.

…To attract young and old alike

We see the children’s party market as an emerging trend and in response to this we have developed a selection with fun presentations and appropriate recipes.

And offer your consumers the taste they love!

We have developed a new recipe that combines an original, tasty texture using oat flakes. Plain or with chocolate, these biscuits offer something truly new as a dessert accompaniment.