Healthy biscuits

With 30 years experience in the manufacturing of diet products working in partnership with the greatest European groups, we have acquired real expertise in the design of these specific products. Our flexibility also enables us to produce short runs of production in order to respond to all the expectations of this dynamic market.
We put this dietetic know-how to advantage in the constant improvement in the nutritiona quality of our range of standard biscuits.

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Our total nutritional approach

Biscuits Bouvard has always paid particular attention to nutrition, focussing on reducing sugar, salt and fat contents. Within the context of healthy nutrition, and more particularly the National Health and Nutrition Program, we have won several awards for our efforts in research and development to improve our nutritional profiles without sacrificing taste. Today we continue this work, offering non-hydrogenated fat products.

Special products: special biscuits

We have developed processes to devise recipes adapted to dietary needs: high protein content biscuits, biscuits with reduced carbohydrate content.

Adapted portions

Thanks to the flexibility of our production lines and the skill of our R&D department, we are in a position to offer biscuit packs that meet Recommended Daily Allowance.

Enriched recipes…

We have complete control over the complex use of the various nutriments used to enrich biscuits in order to meet every nutritional requirement. We have therefore developed a wide range of biscuits enriched with vitamins.

Biscuits with reduced fat and sugar content

For consumers keen to watch their diet but wanting to enjoy tasty biscuits, we were the first to offer a wide range of biscuits with reduced sugar or fat content. We have developed a special chocolate for these products (30% less sugar).

Baby food

We work in close collaboration with A brands in step with European baby food programmes. We can therefore offer our customers an extensive range adapted to every age-range in stayfresh packs.