Ladyfingers and sponge ladyfingers

We offer a wide range of ladyfingers created in the purest baking tradition using carefully selected ingredients (cage-free, free-range eggs...). Because we have total control over our various processes we can offer crunchy textures – ladyfingers – or soft ladyfingers.
As precursors in this market we have segmented our offer according to product usage:
for table or baking use.
This strategy has enabled us to relaunch the dynamic of this biscuit category.

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The true ladyfinger...

This is a standard in traditional French baking. As the partner of national brands in this segment we have historical knowhow that enables us to offer quality products.

The soft ladyfinger

Our ladyfinger biscuits add a touch of lightness to snack time. The egg-rich recipes, making the fingers softer and richer, are ideal for any time of day.

Just the right amount…

The specific texture of this biscuit is ideal for young children and can also be eaten as a snack or used in baking. We therefore sell pack sizes that are right for consumer uses: individual packs, bags or boxes.

Biscuits for use in baking

Precursors on the ladyfinger and soft ladyfinger markets, we have adapted our recipes for use in cake baking (charlotte, tiramisu…). We provide amateur and experienced bakers alike with soft ladyfingers whose shape and texture ensure the
success of every dessert.

Let’s try new flavours!

We have adapted this market standard, making it even more attractive with a hint of cocoa or healthier without its sugar crust.

Tasty soft ladyfingers…

We have combined our soft ladyfinger biscuits with chocolate and fruits to complete our range of Tasty Ladyfinger Biscuits.