Organic biscuits

We have established a department entirely dedicated to the Organic market:
R&D, quality, marketing and sales. Our specific supplier network and our 5 certified sites mean that we can offer a wide range of organic products from the most specific to the most standard.
We have established long-lasting partnership with the professionals who have entrusted us with the production of their brand for many years.

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Essential biscuits...

To play our part in democratising organic products we offer our customers the possibility of adapting products that are highly successful in the conventional category sector to the organic market. Chocolate-coated butter biscuits (milk or dark chocolate) are a perfect example.

Ingredients specific to the Organic market…

We adapt our biscuit recipes to suit the tastes of organic consumers: butter biscuits, red fruit sandwich biscuit, whole grain biscuits using various different ingredients such as quinoa, sesame, spelt, soya...

Great classics go green

Similarly we have established a specific supply network for organic eggs and we are therefore in a position to offer a range of organic ladyfingers and sponge ladyfingers.

...Fun ideas for children

For mothers concerned about offering their children healthy, quality products we offer biscuits specially adapted to this target (chocolate flavoured, fun shapes...).

More targeted recipes…

We have identified the specific expectations of organic consumers and have developed a sandwich biscuit with a more cocoa-specific recipe and another using soya (individual or family packs).

Top end organic

The word Organic is synonymous with respect for the environment, but at Biscuits Bouvard it also conveys the notion of pleasure. That’s why our entire range of biscuit assortments and packs are available in this segment.