Plain & fruits biscuits

These cereal-rich biscuits are recognised for the quality of their nutritional profile and are arousing increasing interest amongst consumers looking for something good and simple.
We have real expertise in this strategic market segment, through our skill in traditional recipes and our ability to innovate and create new flavours and textures.

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The French Petit Beurre

Biscuits Bouvard has acquired real know-how in the production of this key standard, offering recipes that are right for each market type (plain, chocolate chips, whole grain cereals…). In family or portion pack format our Petit Beurre can be eaten anytime, anywhere.

Plain squares

Thanks to its accessibility and the quality of its nutritional profile, this product, the symbol of a whole generation, is still an essential for breakfast or at snack time.

The galette

We can also make another standard in our French biscuit heritage: the galette. We offer a full range, from the traditional recipe from Brittany to more «core market» variations.

Fun shapes

Original shapes, milk taste and cereal- and vitamin-rich recipes ensure that this plain biscuit extends its consumer target to include children.

The palet doré

This original and exclusive recipe made by Biscuits Bouvard is now a standard in the plain biscuits market. In complement to the initial, coconut-based recipe, we now offer unexpected flavours: tea, cinnamon, spéculoos...

Breakfast biscuit with fruits

To offer something new on the Breakfast segment, Biscuits Bouvard has developed a special shape and recipe that combines all the goodness of a cereal biscuit with a fruit-rich filling (38%). We offer a portion adapted to the nutritional needs of breakfast time: 437Kcal for 100g.