Sandwich biscuits

With our expertise in the manufacture of one of the staples in the biscuit industry,
we have developed different shapes, recipes and packs in order to reach every target
and eating time. We are committed to constant improvement of the nutritional profiles
of our products.

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Round sandwich biscuits: the market standard

On this strategic market we offer our customers a wide choice of flavours, from the simplest: chocolate or vanilla flavoured, to the most elaborate: all chocolate, multi-cereals, double-taste. We can also personalise biscuit visuals to meet your graphic charters.

Mini: for tea breaks and snacks

Biscuits adapted to mini size are a strong current trend on the market; we can offer several flavours: chocolate, fruits... packed in individual packs or bags. Within this range, we are experts in the manufucture of vanilla filled chocolate biscuits, which reputation is known wordwide.

Square: the original shape

As the historical manufacturer of the square-shaped sandwich biscuit we provide our customers with this know-how, offering a wide range of flavours: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, hazelnut... To delight children we also use fun designs, with or without the filling showing through.

And rectangular… What a shape!

Healthy eating is a strong expectation amongst consumers, who are now looking for products that contain less sugar and less fat and are nutritionally balanced. Within this context we have developed delicious portion sizes for both children and adults.

Portion packs: the carry-round snack size

We offer round and square sandwich biscuits in pocket-size too, as the ideal carry-round snack.