Our history

The Company has not ceased to grow since it was created in 1902 by Firmin Bouvard. Relying on our historic know-how, we look to the future by constantly adapting our products in order to create tomorrow’s success.

  • 1902 the Firmin Bouvard Pastry and Confectionery business was created in Bourg en Bresse

  • 1920 The Biscuits Bouvard company was created

    After the Great War, Firmin Bouvard decided to set up a biscuit factory in Ceyzériat. The entire family was involved in making sponge fingers which were then delivered by a horse drawn cart. Their daily output was 130 kg.

  • 1932 Saw the installation of automatic equipment

    Output and employee numbers doubled and the Company’s clientele came from as far as the departments of Ain, Jura, Saone et Loire and Savoy.
    Manufacturing entered into a semi-industrialisation stage.

  • 1948 Manufacturing was industrialised

    Chain conveyor ovens and biscuit moulds helped to modernise production. At the same time, a new production line led to the marketing of cookies.

  • 1976 Unbranded products were introduced to the marketing and retail industry

    Bouvard launched its range of petits fours pastry assortments as unbranded products.

  • 1985 Marketing to the retail and distribution industry

    The fourth generation of the Bouvard empire markets its ranges to the retail and distribution industry as unbranded goods and under the Biscuits Bouvard « Bibo Range ».

  • 1989 The Fipages Group / Alain Lainé takes over and repositions the business

    The business was acquired by Alain Lainé who defined a reorganisation plan and repositioned the Company in terms of both product Quality and innovation policies. This strategy enabled Biscuits Bouvard to develop its retail and distribution activities. In parallel and with a view to offering its clients a more comprehensive service, the Company set its sights on a policy of external growth.

  • 1994 The Acquisition of the Biscuiterie de la Tour d’Albon company

    Extending the butter biscuit and chocolate-topped biscuit range for children and adults.

  • 1996 The Aliment Naturel-Création Company acquired from Bouvard Alina Industrie

    The organic and diet biscuit range was extended.

  • 2001 The Biscuit Saint Georges company was bought out

    Extending the range to include filled square, round or mini snacks.

  • 2004 Acquisition of the La Compagnie du Biscuit company

    Extending the range to include biscuits made with egg and dessert biscuits. Strengthening our position on the chocolate-topped petit beurre market.

  • 2007 Purchase of the Biscuit Cantreau company

    By extending its range, Biscuits Bouvard became the French leader for biscuits made with eggs.

  • 2010 Creation of 2 new logistics platforms: Madrid and Milan

    We optimised and adapted our Supply Chain in order to strengthen our presence on the international market.