We insist on Quality

Because quality is first and foremost the key to success, Biscuits Bouvard has incorporated this priority into all its approaches and its commitments go beyond legal requirements.

Ingredients that are meticulously selected:

The ingredients that go into the production of our biscuits are selected with care. Thus, we demand comprehensive traceability of our raw materials and have embarked on approach involving specific procurement systems combining the highest quality of raw materials with the conservation of the environment.

Recipes that are regularly revisited:

Biscuits Bouvard is constantly striving to improve the nutritional profile of its products: Limiting the use of preservatives, artificial colouring and flavouring etc. We have also embarked on a programme enabling us to gradually replace our palm oil and we now only use a certified «segregated» palm oil. As proof of our commitment, Biscuits Bouvard is a member of the RSPO.

Certified sites:

All our sites are ISO 9001, IFS upper category certified. In parallel, we work with an internal reference system based on the HACCP approach which is regularly validated through spot checks. Analyses carried out on our raw materials, our biscuits and their traceability combined with consumer panels regularly appraise our clients' appreciation and the consistency of our expertise.

A tailor-made service:

Our insistence on Quality is total and also applies to Services. Productivity and reactivity are the watchwords we use to meet all the requirements specified by our clients. Each supplier is selected on the basis of rigorous specifications designed to guarantee an irreproachable service.