Our aim consists in creating tomorrow’s success focusing on our One Stop Shop strategy. By offering a wide range of products and a service tailored to each demand, Biscuits Bouvard covers all Sweet Biscuit market requirements.

• Working as a team on projects (marketing and R&D) means that we have an efficient Innovation policy. Each new product is born of thorough consideration centered on market data analyses and brainstorming sessions; it is also validated by consumers. Our efficiency and competitiveness is enhanced because we all share our knowledge and expertise.

• Our flexibility and our determination to better respond to the demands made by our clients and to consumer expectations, enable us to adapt our ranges to the policies of each brand and to the context of each country.

Thus, each year, we launch 270 new items.

An example of Innovation: the Tartine

Bread and jam is an essential item found on the breakfast table. Biscuits Bouvard have interpreted this concept by producing a unique product tailored to today’s eating trends: a soft biscuit with its generous coating of fruit. This extension to the Petit Déjeuner range exclusively comprising cookies, offers consumers a sweet alternative.